Why Us?

A cup of tea is personal, and it is much more than the beverage you consume. Our promise is to bring you high quality decaffeinated teas that are also sustainable to farmers, tea manufacturers, and the environment. Here are some of our focal points.

Joy Without Jitters™

Let's face it. Decaf tea options are limited when you go into your local grocery store or tea shop. Many times the decaf tea that is available is not very good either. Decaf Tea Company is aiming to solve this problem by creating exciting premium decaf options for anyone looking to cut down on their caffeine consumption.

Ethical Sourcing

The well-being of the people that make our cups of tea possible is front and center at Decaf Tea Company. We source our teas from organizations that are independently audited by 3rd party organizations to ensure fair compensation, healthcare coverage, housing, and childcare are closely scrutinized where our teas our grown and manufactured.

Plastic-free Pyramid Sachets

We use One Earth pyramid sachets for our teas. These sachets are 100% USDA bio-based and 100% biodegradable. We want to give you peace of mind that there are no microplastics in your cup of tea from your sachet.

Carbon Dioxide Decaffeination

We exclusively use a natural carbon dioxide decaffeination process, also called CO2 decaffeination, on our teas. This method is gentle on the tea, helping it retain the most flavor and antioxidants. Many other companies use harsh chemicals like ethyl acetate (also used in nail polish remover) or methylene chloride (also used in paint thinner) to remove caffeine. These chemicals strip the tea of lots of its flavor and antioxidants. CO2 decaffeination is more expensive, but it helps us bring a superior premium product to you.

Transparent Tea Quality

We only source high quality teas. No shortcuts. No tea dust. We make our tea grades, sourcing locations, and growing information transparent to you on our product pages. When you drink our tea, you know you are getting quality and value for the money.