Our Story

We launched in July 2023. Our offices are based in Raleigh, North Carolina and our tea production is done in Hillsborough, North Carolina.

Our story began when our founder, Mike, developed caffeine sensitivities. While he had consumed coffee and tea for years, he suddenly noticed that a fully caffeinated cup of tea or coffee would lead to jitters, anxiety, and edginess. In early 2022 he made the decision to cut out fully caffeinated beverages, and he switched to decaffeinated teas.

However, he noticed a problem after making the transition. If he went to a grocery store or a tea shop he would see a variety of fully caffeinated tea and herbal options, but decaffeinated teas were limited (or non-existent!). Not to mention, lots of the decaffeinated teas on the shelves were not very good. Just because you want to minimize caffeine does not mean you only want to drink herbals. As he discussed this issue with others he realized that many other people were facing the same problem. They craved good decaf to help them reduce their caffeine consumption.

Decaf Tea Company was born.