You Are Not an Afterthought

Am I an afterthought?

This is a question I asked myself one day as I looked at the paltry decaffeinated tea options on the store shelf.

If you go into any grocery store or tea shop, you will likely notice something. You will see many exciting varieties of caffeinated teas and blends. You will also see a diversity of herbal offerings (a great no-caf option, btw). Finally, you will arrive at a minimal, insufficient, and boring decaf section.

As someone who has limited their caffeine intake over the last year this experience is always a bit discouraging. How many other people feel like an afterthought?

This is the problem we are trying to solve here at Decaf Tea Company. For those who need to limit caffeine intake, those who are trying to cut back on caffeine, or those who are just looking for a cup of great tea, we are here for you. Just because you do not want the caffeine, does not mean you should have to sacrifice the variety or quality of your tea.

You are not an afterthought.

We are just getting started and plan to launch our first teas in July. This is a journey that will begin with you, my fellow decaf tea drinkers.

Join us and our community. We want to hear from you. What are flavors you see in full-caf that you have always wished were in decaf? What have been your decaf shopping experiences?

Buckle up. This is going to be fun!


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